Love whiskey?

Haberdasher presents the whiskey club we've all been waiting for!

Since 2018, the Bootleggers Whiskey Syndicate allows us to share our stash of the most coveted bottles around!

The Details:

A monthly membership of only $25 earns you:

Free monthly whisk(e)y tastings:


Taste entire lines of products side by side, often poured by distillers or distillery ambassadors themselves!

Meet the owners and managers of local liquor stores to source hard-to-find bottles, where even our own staff finds their favorites to stock their home bars!

Access to the Bootleggers List:

A rotating list of unique and notable whiskies, thoughtfully curated by our owner, available only to Bootleggers while supplies last.

This is where regional rarities, limited editions, and other exciting drams will be found.

An entry every time you visit:

A monthly drawing awards 5 lucky Bootleggers the chance to purchase 5 ounces from the Bootlegger cases, selected during a private tasting with either our owner, General Manager, or Bar Manager. Truly generous Bootleggers can invite one fellow Bootlegger to share their drams!

You are given a drawing entry for every visit, upping your chances to purchase the  5 ounces that most fit your tastes!

Be sure to check in every single time you visit, the more entries you earn, the better your chances to win!

Bonus Bootlegger only perks:

-Free whiskey and spirit education sessions
-Otherwise unannounced visits from distillery VIPs
-Group tours to local distilleries
-More to come, depending on what our Bootleggers want to see!

HERE​​​​​​​ to become a Bootlegger!

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Bootleggers Whiskey Syndicate